Often the first impression a valuable potential customer has of your company is when they step off a plane and step into the Corporate Transportation that whisks them away to your Corporate Offices. An old, worn out vehicle or inappropriately dressed driver is NOT the way a company wants to impress their Corporate Clients! At Avant-Garde Global Transportation this is a completely unacceptable scenario. We strive to maintain the newest, cleanest vehicles in our extended fleet, not just here in the USA, but also at locations all over the world. Where Corporate World Travel is concerned and language is an issue, we make every effort to make sure that linguistic challenges are met. Below is but a sampling of our vehicles here and abroad that are available for virtually any need:

Should your schedule allow, or even require, the support of a larger luxury vehicle, we’re ready to assist.

As you can see by our pictures, Avant-Garde Global Transportation is always diligent in offering many vehicles of varying size, often juggling them to make your corporate transportation not only appropriate, but cost effective as required in today’s "cost conscious" corporate travel world!