Executive Transportation


Avant-Garde Global Transportation specializes in serving the Ground Transportation needs of high level corporate executives and other discriminating travelers. Our goal is very simple: Be where we should be, when we should be there, every time at a price that is competitive and fits into today’s new corporate fiscal realities. We at Avant-Garde Global Transportation understand that even a minor delay to any of our Corporate Clients represents a significant distraction in their working day. As a premier Corporate Ground Transportation provider, our logistics should never interrupt our client’s work. This is our most important responsibility over which we are obsessively vigilant!

We at Avant-Garde Global Transportation also understand that corporate agendas can change on a moment’s notice. Our Corporate Clients are often changing flight times, airlines, airports or are jumping on a private charter jet for expediency to make an urgent appointment. In anticipation of these quickly changing needs, Avant-Garde Global Transportation has invested in the most advanced, “state of the art” electronic booking systems in the world. These systems allow us to work locally, nationally or internationally with equal speed and acumen. These advanced systems provide our Corporate traveler with up to the second updates, responses and other notifications as to their on-the-fly travel arrangements.

As the years proceed, Ground Transportation arrangements will inevitably become faster, more efficient and ultimately even more complicated. At Avant-Garde Global Transportation we are dedicated to maintaining and acquiring cutting technologies that will always be a half a step ahead to tomorrow’s Ground Transportation trends and demands!