Dear Avant-Garde,

My position at Burnham Institute is scheduling invited speakers, domestic and international for our Formal Seminar Series. The speakers that travel here are at the top of their field in science and it is an honor for Burnham Institute to have them visit and speak here. We want to make their visit and accommodations as comfortable and professional as possible and since I started using Avant Garde Limousine the service has been exceptional.

I also would like to point out that the on-line FASTTRAK reservations system with my own logon and the email confirmations that are sent are reassuring and makes for less errors by not having a problem with phone translation. The day before my visitors arrive, it is my procedure to double check all reservations, so instead of making a phone call, I just have to take a look at the FASTTRAK online and verify the times and dates are correct and this only takes seconds.

I look forward to working with Avant Garde Limousine in the future. Please give may thanks for the professionalism which has been shown by each of your drivers. Again, thank you for making my job easier with the internet access of FASTTRAK.

Collette Beaton
Formal Seminar Coordinator
Burnham Institute for Medical Research

Collette Beaton, Burnham Institute for Medical Research